The next tax estimate is due September 15. The IRS requires tax estimates to be paid quarterly throughout the year, as you earn money. This is the time of the year to do some tax planning. One aspect of tax planning is to ensure you have adequately paid in estimated taxes so you can avoid… Read More

We are in the final stretch for filing your 2020 tax returns. Partnerships and Sub-S tax returns are due 9/15/21 and your personal returns are due 10/15/21. To assure your return is completed timely and accurately your preparer needs to receive your tax documents need to be received by the 1st of the respective month.… Read More

The IRS offers one way to protect your identity from people obtaining your tax refund, it called the IP PIN. All taxpayers can obtain one, even for Children. I have had several mothers, whom I filed returns to only find out their spouse already took the Child Tax Credit, so either they have to negotiate… Read More