Tax Returns – Individuals & Businesses

Our firm offers a full range of tax planning and compliance services.   We will work with you year-round if necessary in order to minimize your total tax burden.  Our firm offers professional preparation of all federal, state and local tax returns for individuals and businesses at competitive, affordable rates.  It should be noted, there are no two taxpayers with the same return; each return is unique.  We are here to provide you the individual attention and expertise you deserve, with the goal of minimizing your tax liability.

When someone hires our firm to prepare their tax returns both personal and business and you couple that with highly effective tax planning you receive the most optimized solution, not just for this year but into the future too.

Tax Planning

Tax planning, for both individuals and companies, begins with effective tax minimization with long-term tax strategizing to establish overall objectives.  It is maintained with conscientious and consistent annual tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

Planning is looking ahead and being proactive . . .

Just preparing a tax return is only a compliance activity and reactive, all the decisions have been made and opportunities may already have been missed.

A few activities with tax planning include, but not limited to:


  • Organization structure, sole proprietor, partnership, Sub S or Sub C.
  • Determining when it is appropriate to setup a new legal entity.   Including, when to elect Sub S.
  • Forecasting future tax liabilities and determining how to be structured to minimize taxes.
  • Determining when to inject equity or loan money to an entity.
  • Determining how to depreciate an asset. Now, there are multiple choices, over a fixed life, section 179 or bonus depreciation.


  • Planning when to elect social security retirement benefits.
  • Filing married jointly or married separately.
  • Determining the amount of Roth Conversion, IRA and HSA contributions.
  • … and many more…